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문제(?)의 Unganged mode 출력 메시지

RAM 설정에 보면 Ganged Mode 라는게 있는데, Auto로 하면 unganged mode로 잡히는듯
아무튼 옆에 도움말 처럼 single channel momory mode, 64bit로 전송된다고 되어있다.

2012/03/02 - [하드웨어] - ddr2 unganged mode

Posted by 구차니
하드웨어2012. 3. 2. 20:56
페넘2의 기능으로 메모리를 분할하거나 하나의 덩어리로 보는거라는데 아무튼 Intel에서는 안되고 AMD 전용이라고 한다.

Ganged mode - Dual Channel 의 전통적인 방법으로 메모리를 하나로 묶어서 대역폭을 늘림.
                       하지만 대역폭 증가에 따른 성능향상은 5% 정도에 그침
unganged mode - Dual Channel의 새로운 방법으로 멀티 프로세서 등에서 cpu 별로 메모리 구획을 별도 할당하는 방법
                           댓글에 따라서는 게임에서는 성능이 떨어질수도 있다고 함.

Ganged mode basically allows all the cores of the processor to see the whole lot of memory as one big block while unganged mode gives an equal but separate portion of memory to each core to play with. 
Unganged is better for multitasking as each core has its own dedicated memory portion. 
Ganged is better for games or other programs that will take a massive amount of memory while running as all cores can get easier access to the big memory file since the memory isn't portioned out. 
Its up to you really, i have it ganged and sacrifice a tiny bit of boot up speed after log on to make sure my games are running optimally.
[링크 :  http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/270353-31-memory-unganged-mode]  

Ganged versus unganged

Dual-channel was originally conceived as a way to maximize memory throughput by combining two 64-bit buses into a single 128-bit bus. This is retrospectively called the "ganged" mode. However, due to lackluster performance gains in consumer applications as discussed above, more modern implementations of dual-channel use the "unganged" mode by default, which maintains two 64-bit memory buses but allows independent access to each channel, in support of multithreading with multi-core processors.

[링크 :  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-channel_memory_architecture]  

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