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  1. 2011.07.04 3ware RAID BBU(Backup Battery Unit)
하드웨어/RAID2011. 7. 4. 00:07
BBU가 있으면 72시간 까지는 갑작스런 정전으로 전기가 나가도
저장하려던 내용을 유지할수 있고, 전원이 복구되면 저장을 한다는데

어짜피 RAID 정도 쓰는데라면
UPS를 쓸텐데 어떻게 보면 이런 BBU를 왜 장착해 놓나 싶기도 하고..

Appendix A. Installing 
the Battery Backup Unit

The Battery Backup Unit (BBU) is an add-on that can be attached to a 3ware 9000 RAID controller to supply power to the memory module from an attached battery pack in the event of a system power loss. This allows the controller to use write-caching for optimal performance and not be exposed to data loss in the event of a system power failure. When fully charged, the battery preserves the contents of the controller cache memory for a limited period of time (up to 72 hours). When power is restored, cached data is flushed to disks. 

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