$ smbd -d
$ ps -ef | grep smbd

를 했는데 출력되는 메시지가 없는건, smbd가 구동하는데 실패를 했다는 것이다.
이유야 찾아봐야 알겠지만, 에러메시지가 어디에 나오는지 알수가 없으니 막막하다

$ smbd --help
Usage: smbd [OPTION...]
  -D, --daemon                            Become a daemon (default)
  -i, --interactive                       Run interactive (not a daemon)
  -F, --foreground                        Run daemon in foreground (for
                                          daemontools, etc.)
  --no-process-group                      Don't create a new process group
  -S, --log-stdout                        Log to stdout
  -b, --build-options                     Print build options
  -p, --port=STRING                       Listen on the specified ports
  -P, --profiling-level=PROFILE_LEVEL     Set profiling level

Help options:
  -?, --help                              Show this help message
  --usage                                 Display brief usage message

Common samba options:
  -d, --debuglevel=DEBUGLEVEL             Set debug level
  -s, --configfile=CONFIGFILE             Use alternate configuration file
  -l, --log-basename=LOGFILEBASE          Base name for log files
  -V, --version                           Print version

Build-time configuration overrides:
  --sbindir=SBINDIR                       Path to sbin directory
  --bindir=BINDIR                         Path to bin directory
  --swatdir=SWATDIR                       Path to SWAT installation directory
  --lmhostsfile=LMHOSTSFILE               Path to lmhosts file
  --libdir=LIBDIR                         Path to shared library directory
  --modulesdir=MODULESDIR                 Path to shared modules directory
  --shlibext=SHLIBEXT                     Shared library extension
  --lockdir=LOCKDIR                       Path to lock file directory
  --statedir=STATEDIR                     Path to persistent state file
  --cachedir=CACHEDIR                     Path to temporary cache file
  --piddir=PIDDIR                         Path to PID file directory
  --smb-passwd-file=SMB_PASSWD_FILE       Path to smbpasswd file
  --private-dir=PRIVATE_DIR               Path to private data directory

일단 smbd -S 를 하면 stdout(= 모니터)로 출력이 되는데, 백그라운드 모드로는 구동하면 출력이 불가능하다고
아래와 같은 메시지를 출력한다.

 ERROR: Can't log to stdout (-S) unless daemon is in foreground (-F) or interactive (-i)

해달라는 대로 해주면된다.

$ smbd -S -F 혹은
$ smbd -S -i
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