FEATURE default 설명
debug no Turn on compiler debugging information
developer no Turn on developer warnings and debugging
krb5developer no Turn on developer warnings and debugging, except -Wstrict-prototypes
picky-developter - Halt compilation on warnings
largefile - omit support for large files
external-libtalloc auto Enable external talloc
socket-wrapper no Turn on socket wrapper library
nss-wrapper no Turn on nss wrapper library
swat yes Build the SWAT tool
dmalloc no Enable heap debugging
cups auto Turn on CUPS support
iprint yes if cups is yes Turn on iPrint support
static=PKGS no build static libraries default
shared=PKGS yes build shared libraries default
pie yes Turn on pie support if available
relro yes Turn on Relocations Read-Only (relro) support if available
fam auto Turn on FAM support
shared-libs yes Use shared libraries internally
dnssd no Enable DNS service discovery support
avahi auto Enable Avahi support
merged-build - Build Samba 4 as well
gnutls yes Turn on gnutls support

configure --help 에서 정리

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