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ATMEL AVR을 쓰면 EEPROM이 있어서 무언가 저장할 공간이 있었는데
TI LM3S 시리즈를 보니 스펙상으로는 EEPROM이 존재를 하지 않는다.
편법일수도 있고, 가능할진 모르겠지만, 256byte의 NV memory가 존재하니 대신 사용해도 될듯?

10 Hibernation Module
10.1 Introduction

The Hibernate API provides a set of functions for using the Hibernation module on the Stellaris
microcontroller. The Hibernation module allows the software application to cause power to be
removed from the microcontroller, and then be powered on later based on specific time or a signal
on the external WAKE pin. The API provides functions to configure wake conditions, manage
interrupts, read status, save and restore program state information, and request hibernation mode.
Some of the features of the Hibernation module are:

32-bit real time clock
Trim register for fine tuning the RTC rate
Two RTC match registers for generating RTC events
External WAKE pin to initiate a wake-up
Low-battery detection
64 32-bit words of non-volatile memory
Programmable interrupts for hibernation events
This driver is contained in driverlib/hibernate.c, with driverlib/hibernate.h containing the API definitions for use by applications.  

아무튼 NVRAM을 사용하기 위한 함수는 다음과 같다. 
void HibernateDataGet (unsigned long ∗pulData, unsigned long ulCount)
void HibernateDataSet (unsigned long ∗pulData, unsigned long ulCount) 

2012.3.7 추가

hibernate module이 없는 모델도 있으니 주의!

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