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http://www.gnuarm.com/  에서 다운로드 받은 gcc toolchain의 압축을 풀어보니 arm-elf-gcc 라고 나오는데..
일반적으로 사용하던 툴체인이 arm-linux-gcc 여서  검색을 해보니 아래와 같은 차이점이 있다고 한다.

 The difference is that the linked output from the arm-elf-xxx toolchain is a linux loadable binary, while arm-linux-xxx outputs a kernel object (ko), which is a blob with its own linkage format (for modules), or the main kernel itself, which doesn't need a packaging format. I.e., for user space you want the final dynamically linked object to be an ELF executable, library, or shared object. For kernel space, you want the final object (kernel or module) to be in the linux-arm-kernel linkage format.

You'll notice that the intermediate objects (.o files) of both targets are probably all ELF, since that is what the toolchain is expecting.
[링크 : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/390099/arm-linux-gcc-vs-arm-elf-gcc]  

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