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오잉? 저번에 볼 땐 8M PLUS에는 cortex-M 계열 없었던 것 같은데?!?!

[링크 : https://www.nxp.com/products/processors-and-microcontrollers/arm-processors/i-mx-applications-processors/i-mx-8-processors/i-mx-8m-plus-arm-cortex-a53-machine-learning-vision-multimedia-and-industrial-iot:IMX8MPLUS]


음.. 그냥 내 눈이 삐꾸인걸로 -_ㅠ

[링크 : https://www.nxp.com/products/processors-and-microcontrollers/arm-processors/i-mx-applications-processors/i-mx-8-processors:IMX8-SERIES]


아무튼 회사에 굴러(?) 다니는 이 녀석 사용해보려니

헐.. 무슨 디버그 포트가 이렇게 많이 인식 돼? 일단 나의 경우에는 리눅스가 COM27로 연결되었다.

[링크 : https://www.nxp.com/design/development-boards/i-mx-evaluation-and-development-boards/evaluation-kit-for-the-i-mx-8m-plus-applications-processor:8MPLUSLPD4-EVK]


패키지에 들어있던 종이 쪼가리구만 -_-

첫째랑 둘째는 누구꺼냐!?

Four UART connections will appear on the PC, the third port for the Cortex-A53 core and the fourth for Cortex-M7 core system debugging.

[링크 : https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/quick-reference-guide/8MPLUSEVKQSG.pdf]


Proejct - Tutorial에 Machine Learning

[링크 : https://www.nxp.com/document/guide/getting-started-with-the-i-mx-8m-plus-evk:GS-iMX-8M-Plus-EVK]


i.MX 8M PLUS 에는 전체 기능을 다 지원하는데

NPU를 써볼려면 eIQ를 이용해서 먼가 짓을 해야 하는 것 같고.

Cortex-M7도 있으니 (standalone 혹은 collaborative 하게 작동이 가능하다고) 이걸 이용해서 일종의 가속기화 하려나?



[링크 : https://www.nxp.com/design/software/development-software/eiq-ml-development-environment/eiq-inference-with-tensorflow-lite:eIQTensorFlowLite]


TFLite for MCU

[링크 : https://www.nxp.com/design/software/development-software/eiq-ml-development-environment/eiq-inference-with-tensorflow-lite-micro:EIQ-TFLITE-MICRO]


위에서 다운로드 링크 누르니 이상한데(?)로 보내버리네

[링크 : https://mcuxpresso.nxp.com/en/welcome] cortex-M7 쓰려면 이게 필요한 듯. 이클립스 기반?

[링크 : https://source.codeaurora.org/external/imx/imx-manifest]


오오 i.MX 8M Plus!!

Cortex-A / GPU / NPU 오오오...

[링크 : https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/IMX-MACHINE-LEARNING-UG.pdf]




이미지 받아보니 아래와 같이 구성되어 있다.

귀찮으면 fsl-image-validation-imx-imx8mmevk.sdcard 를 sd에 구워서 켜보면 될 듯.


imx_m4_demos에는 bin 파일이 있는데 이건 어떻게 올려서 쓰려나?


MCUXpresso 안쓰면 uboot에서 해당 파일을 직접 sd에 넣어 실행하는 수 밖에 없나?

4.2 Run applications using U-Boot

This section describes how to run applications using an SD card and pre-built U-Boot image for i.MX processor.
  1. Following the steps from section 2—Embedded Linux of this Getting Started guide, prepare an SD card with a pre-built U-Boot + Linux image from the Linux BSP package for the i.MX 8M Plus processor. If you have already loaded the SD card with a Linux image, you can skip this step.
  2. Insert the SD card in the host computer (Linux or Windows) and copy the application image (for example hello_world.bin) to the FAT partition of the SD card.
  3. Safely remove the SD card from the PC.
  4. Insert the SD card to the target board. Make sure to use the default boot SD slot and double check the Boot switch setup.
  5. Connect the DEBUG UART connector on the board to the PC through USB cable. The Windows OS installs the USB driver automatically, and the Ubuntu OS will find the serial devices as well.
    See Connect USB debug cable section in Out of box for more instructions on serial communication applications.
  6. Open a second terminal on the i.MX8M Plus EVK board’s second enumerated serial port. This is the Cortex®-M7’s serial console. Set the speed to 115200 bit/s, data bits 8, 1 stop bit (115200, 8N1), no parity.
  7. Power up the board and stop the boot process by pressing any key before the U-Boot countdown reaches zero. At the U-Boot prompt on the first terminal, type the following commands.
    => fatload mmc 0:1 0x48000000 hello_world.bin
    => cp.b 0x48000000 0x7e0000 0x20000
    => bootaux 0x7e0000
    These commands copy the image file from the first partition of the SD card into the Cortex®-M7’s TCM and releases the Cortex®-M7 from reset.



리눅스에서 /sys 등으로 접근할 순 없나?

wic 파일을 win32diskimager로 구우면 되려나?

[링크 : https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/IMX_LINUX_USERS_GUIDE.pdf]

[링크 : https://www.nxp.com/part/8MPLUSLPD4-EVK#/]


MCUXpresso 로 imx8m quad 선택해서 빌드한다?

[링크 : https://www.embeddedartists.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/iMX8M_Working_with_Cortex-M.pdf]

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