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NatureDSP Library is an extensive library, containing the most commonly used signal processing functions: FFT, FIR, vector, matrix, and common mathematics. API and programing guide is in hifi4_library/doc/NatureDSP_Signal_Library_ Reference_HiFi4.pdf, and performance data is in hifi4_library/doc/ NatureDSP_Signal_Library_Performance_HiFi4.pdf.

[링크 : https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/IMX_DSP_USERS_GUIDE.pdf]

[링크 : https://github.com/nxp-imx/imx-audio-framework]


tensilica i.MX8M Plus 

[링크 : https://tensilicatools.com/platform/i-mx8mp/]

[링크 : https://tensilicatools.com/download/i-mx-8-hifi-4-sdk/] << 로그인 필요, tensilica 가입 필요


NatureDSP Library package is license restricted on the i.MX platform. License authorization is required from the NXP marketing for the users to access the source code.

[링크 : https://community.nxp.com/t5/i-MX-Processors/Where-are-the-NatureDSP-unit-tests/td-p/1577475]

[링크 : https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/IMX_DSP_USERS_GUIDE.pdf]

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