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MS 문서인데
wave file에서 멀티채널 사운드의 경우 채널의 순서에 대한 내용이다.
문득, wave 파일에서 left가 먼저일까 right가 먼저일까라는 의문이 들었는데
Left가 먼저이다.

Default Channel Ordering

The way to deterministically link channel numbers to speaker locations, thus providing consistency among multiple channel audio files, is to define the order in which the channels are laid out in the audio file. Several external standards define parts of the following master channel layout:

1.Front Left - FL
2.Front Right - FR
3.Front Center - FC
4.Low Frequency - LF
5.Back Left - BL
6.Back Right - BR
7.Front Left of Center - FLC
8.Front Right of Center - FRC
9.Back Center - BC
10.Side Left - SL
11.Side Right - SR
12.Top Center - TC
13.Top Front Left - TFL
14.Top Front Center - TFC
15.Top Front Right - TFR
16.Top Back Left - TBL
17.Top Back Center - TBC
18.Top Back Right - TBR

The channels in the interleaved stream corresponding to these spatial positions must appear in the order specified above. This holds true even in the case of a non-contiguous subset of channels. For example, if a stream contains left, bass enhance and right, then channel 1 is left, channel 2 is right, and channel 3 is bass enhance. This enables the linkage of multi-channel streams to well-defined multi-speaker configurations.

Warning: Content intended for the Low Frequency channel may not be rendered on the speaker that the data is sent to. This is because there is no way to guarantee the frequency range of the low frequency speaker in a user's system. For this reason, a speaker that is receiving low frequency audio might filter the frequencies that it cannot handle.

[링크 : http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/device/audio/multichaud.mspx]

[링크 : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surround_sound]

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