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  1. 2009.09.01 gdb 스크립트를 이용한 자동화 - automation using script on gdb 3
$ gdb --help
This is the GNU debugger.  Usage:

    gdb [options] [executable-file [core-file or process-id]]
    gdb [options] --args executable-file [inferior-arguments ...]


  --args             Arguments after executable-file are passed to inferior
  -b BAUDRATE        Set serial port baud rate used for remote debugging.
  --batch            Exit after processing options.
  --batch-silent     As for --batch, but suppress all gdb stdout output.
                     GDB exit code will be the child's exit code.
  --cd=DIR           Change current directory to DIR.
  --command=FILE, -x Execute GDB commands from FILE.
  --eval-command=COMMAND, -ex
                     Execute a single GDB command.
                     May be used multiple times and in conjunction
                     with --command.
  --core=COREFILE    Analyze the core dump COREFILE.
  --pid=PID          Attach to running process PID.
  --dbx              DBX compatibility mode.
  --directory=DIR    Search for source files in DIR.
  --epoch            Output information used by epoch emacs-GDB interface.
  --exec=EXECFILE    Use EXECFILE as the executable.
  --fullname         Output information used by emacs-GDB interface.
  --help             Print this message.
                     Select a specific interpreter / user interface
  -l TIMEOUT         Set timeout in seconds for remote debugging.
  --nw             Do not use a window interface.
  --nx               Do not read .gdbinit file.
  --quiet            Do not print version number on startup.
  --readnow          Fully read symbol files on first access.
  --se=FILE          Use FILE as symbol file and executable file.
  --symbols=SYMFILE  Read symbols from SYMFILE.
  --tty=TTY          Use TTY for input/output by the program being debugged.
  --tui              Use a terminal user interface.
  --version          Print version information and then exit.
  -w                 Use a window interface.
  --write            Set writing into executable and core files.
  --xdb              XDB compatibility mode.

For more information, type "help" from within GDB, or consult the
GDB manual (available as on-line info or a printed manual).
Report bugs to "bug-gdb@gnu.org".

스크립트에는 gdb에서 입력하던 명령어들을 넣어주면 된다.

[링크 : http://darkfader.net/arm/files/Example%20GDB%20script.txt]

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