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RAID 10은 짝수개의 하드에 대해서 사용이 가능한데 비해
1E는 홀수개의 하드에 대해서도 사용이 가능하다고 한다.

RAID 1E and RAID 10 are different. RAID 10 is a strip across mirrors. So you need 4 disks minimum, and even numbers there after. 2 disks each make up a mirror and the two mirrors are striped. This means with 4 100GB drives you get a 200GB set with both increased write and significantly increased read performance. You can loose up to 1 disk from each underlying mirror. With 6 disks in the array, you could loose up to 3 disks.

is an IBM mirroring/striping technique working with an arbitrary number of disks. This image from wikipedia should explain it, best. With 4 100GB disks you still end up with 200GB of storage. You can loose as many as 2 non-adjacent disks. This doesn't mean much for 4 disks, but for 5 disks it would mean you can still loose a max of 2 disks. 10 won't work with 5 disks.

Personally, I would use RAID 5 just because it allows a 4 100 GB disk array to reach 300GB with similar performance. The biggest downside I see is you can only loose 1 drive, regardless of how strategically you break them.

[링크 : http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/raid-5-vs-1e-10-a-496488/] 

아무튼, 해보기 전에는 모르겠다 -_-

[링크 : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-standard_RAID_levels#RAID_1E]
[링크 : http://www.techrepublic.com/article/non-standard-raid-levels-primer-raid-1e/6181460]
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