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  1. 2010.12.11 Intel NIC Teaming - Advanced Networking Services (ANS)?
하드웨어/Network 장비2010. 12. 11. 11:54
네트워크 카드를 묶어서 사용하는것으로 teaming / channel boding 식으로 부르는데
Intel Pro/100 이런 구형 카드도 지원하는것으로 보인다.

2010.12.16 추가
어쩌면 Pro/100 이라도 Server 나 Management 급에서만 되고 Desktop 은 안되는걸려나?

Supported Adapters
Teaming options are supported on Intel® PRO/100, PRO/1000, PRO/10GbE, Gigabit, and 10 Gigabit server adapters and the Intel® Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter. Teaming options are supported on Intel desktop adapters if there is at least one server adapter installed. Selected LAN adapters and LAN on Motherboard (LOM) connections from other manufacturers are also supported on a best effort basis.

[링크 : http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/cs-009747.htm]

[링크 : http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/network/9195p/en/Intel_nic_teaming_10.pdf]
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