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  1. 2013.01.03 HEC - HDMI over Ethernet Channel
  2. 2011.08.31 HDMI 1.3 이라니 ㅠ.ㅠ
HEC라는 기능으로 HDMI 1.4 이상부터는 Fast Ethernet을 HDMI를 통해서 전송할수 있다.
머.. 1.4가 2009년에 제정되었지만 솔찍히 이런 장비가 있는지도 몰랐고
그런 기능이 있는지도 몰랐는데 케이블을 이번에 사고 나서 설명을 보다보니 헐.. 깜놀!


Version 1.4
HDMI 1.4 was released on May 28, 2009, and the first HDMI 1.4 products were available in the second half of 2009.[106][137] HDMI 1.4 increases the maximum resolution to 4K × 2K, i.e. 3840 × 2160p (Quad HD) at 24 Hz/25 Hz/30 Hz or 4096 × 2160p at 24 Hz (which is a resolution used with digital theaters); an HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC), which allows for a 100 Mbit/s Ethernet connection between the two HDMI connected devices so they can share an Internet connection;[56] and introduces an Audio Return Channel (ARC),[55] 3D Over HDMI, a new Micro HDMI Connector, expanded support for color spaces, with the addition of sYCC601, Adobe RGB and Adobe YCC601; and an Automotive Connection System.[106][138][139][140][141] HDMI 1.4 supports severalstereoscopic 3D formats including field alternative (interlaced), frame packing (a full resolution top-bottom format), line alternative full, side-by-side half, side-by-side full, 2D + depth, and 2D + depth + graphics + graphics depth (WOWvx),[103][142][143] with additional top/bottom formats added in version 1.4a. HDMI 1.4 requires that 3D displays support the frame packing 3D format at either 720p50 and 1080p24 or 720p60 and 1080p24.[143] High Speed HDMI 1.3 cables can support all HDMI 1.4 features except for the HDMI Ethernet Channel.[103][142][143]
HDMI 1.4a was released on March 4, 2010 and adds two additional mandatory 3D formats for broadcast content, which was deferred with HDMI 1.4 in order to see the direction of the 3D broadcast market.[144][145] HDMI 1.4a has defined mandatory 3D formats for broadcast, game, and movie content.[144] HDMI 1.4a requires that 3D displays support the frame packing 3D format at either 720p50 and 1080p24 or 720p60 and 1080p24, side-by-side horizontal at either 1080i50 or 1080i60, and top-and-bottom at either 720p50 and 1080p24 or 720p60 and 1080p24.[145]
HDMI 1.4b was released on October 11, 2011.[146] One of the new features is that it adds support to 1080p video at 120 Hz.[147] All future versions of the HDMI specification will be made by the HDMI Forum that was created on October 25, 2011.[15][148]

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하드웨어/Display 장비2011. 8. 31. 22:38
HDMI 3D는 1.3a/b/b1/c 와 1.4/1.4a 에서 지원하는데...

[링크 : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HDMI]

그걸 모르고 이전에 구매했던 HDMI to DVI 케이블은..
다행인지 불행인지.. OTL HDMI 1.3을 지원하는 듯하다 ㅠ.ㅠ

[링크 : http://www.emartmall.com/.../Product4_10151_0043859629237]
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