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ip - show / manipulate routing, devices, policy routing and tunnels

   ip route flush - flush routing tables
       this command flushes routes selected by some criteria.

       The arguments have the same syntax and semantics as the arguments of ip route show, but routing  tables  are  not
       listed but purged.  The only difference is the default action: show dumps all the IP main routing table but flush
       prints the helper page.

       With the -statistics option, the command becomes verbose. It prints out the number of deleted routes and the num-
       ber  of  rounds  made to flush the routing table. If the option is given twice, ip route flush also dumps all the
       deleted routes in the format described in the previous subsection.

ip link show [ DEVICE ]
ip route { list | flush } SELECTOR

ip route flush [dev]
라고 하면 한번에 플러시가 된다...

ex) ip route flush eth0

2009.08.05 해보니 안된다... ㄱ- 뭥미?

ip route flush all
하니 전체 플러시가 된다...(먼산)
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