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deadtime (G)

The value of the parameter (a decimal integer) represents the number of minutes of inactivity before a connection is considered dead, and it is disconnected. The deadtime only takes effect if the number of open files is zero.

This is useful to stop a server's resources being exhausted by a large number of inactive connections.

Most clients have an auto-reconnect feature when a connection is broken so in most cases this parameter should be transparent to users.

Using this parameter with a timeout of a few minutes is recommended for most systems.

A deadtime of zero indicates that no auto-disconnection should be performed.

Default: deadtime = 0

Example: deadtime = 15

machine password timeout (G)

If a Samba server is a member of a Windows NT Domain (see the security = domain parameter) then periodically a running smbd process will try and change the MACHINE ACCOUNT PASSWORD stored in the TDB called private/secrets.tdb . This parameter specifies how often this password will be changed, in seconds. The default is one week (expressed in seconds), the same as a Windows NT Domain member server.

See also smbpasswd(8), and the security = domain parameter.

Default: machine password timeout = 604800 

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Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options


Determines whether to disconnect users that are connected to the local machine outside of their user account's valid logon hours. This setting affects the Server Message Block (SMB) component of a Windows 2000 server.

When this policy is enabled, it causes client sessions with the SMB server to be forcibly disconnected when the client's logon hours expire.

If this policy is disabled, an established client session is allowed to be maintained after the client's logon hours have expired.

This policy is defined by default in Local Computer Policy, where it is enabled by default. 

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