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raw는 말 그대로 생생한 날 것을 의미하는데..
검색을 해도 죽어라 안나오는 녀석중에 하나다.. 그래 이렇게 안나온적은 드물었는데 ㅠ.ㅠ

RAW mode telnet은 각종 escape 문자를 처리하지 않고, 심지어 CR/LF 조차도 처리하지 않고
데이터를 application에 넘겨주는 것을 의미하는 것으로 보인다.(조금 더 조사 필요)


To understand Telnet end-of-line issues, one must have at least a general model of the relationship of Telnet to the local operating system. The Server Telnet process is typically coupled into the terminal driver software of the operating system as a pseudo-terminal. A Telnet end-of- line sequence received by the Server Telnet must have the same effect as pressing the end-of-line key on a real locally-connected terminal.

Operating systems that support interactive character-at- a-time applications (e.g., editors) typically have two internal modes for their terminal I/O: a formatted mode, in which local conventions for end-of-line and other formatting rules have been applied to the data stream, and a "raw" mode, in which the application has direct access to every character as it was entered. A Server Telnet must be implemented in such a way that these modes have the same effect for remote as for local terminals. For example, suppose a CR LF or CR NUL is received by the Server Telnet on an ASCII host. In raw mode, a CR character is passed to the application; in formatted mode, the local system's end-of-line convention is used.

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Its whether the client does any interpretation of the data it receives. Screen content contains codes that are not necessarily displayed. For example vt100 screen emulation uses esc[H to put the cursor in the home position (top left). A normal telnet session would interpret this as a cursor move, where as a raw session would actually display [H which wouldn't mean anything to you and would make the screen info hard to read. So it doesn't affect what is sent, just how its interpreted at the client end. VT100 is just one example of the invisible stuff that gets sent but you get the idea.

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I found that the best solution is at telnet>
prompt type 'set escape off', but this won't
work with HP machines.

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