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server.xml 에서  URIEncoding=UTF-8로 추가해주면 된다.
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안넣으면 당연히 UTF-8로 될 줄 알았는데 ISO-8859라니!!!!

How do I change how GET parameters are interpreted?

Tomcat will use ISO-8859-1 as the default character encoding of the entire URL, including the query string ("GET parameters").

There are two ways to specify how GET parameters are interpreted:

  1. Set the URIEncoding attribute on the <Connector> element in server.xml to something specific (e.g. URIEncoding="UTF-8").

  2. Set the useBodyEncodingForURI attribute on the <Connector> element in server.xml to true. This will cause the Connector to use the request body's encoding for GET parameters.

References: Tomcat 7 HTTP ConnectorTomcat 7 AJP Connector

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