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The ORG command is a standard (almost universal) command that tells the assembler where the program is to reside in memory

ORG 명령어는 메모리에 상주할 프로그램의 주소를 알려준다고 되어 있는데,
JMP 와는 다른 듯 한데 무슨 차이일려나..

[출처 :  www.ordersomewherechaos.com/rosso/fetish/m102/web100/docs/assemb-tutorial.html]
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23. ORG
Label     Operation   Operand
optional     ORG      expression

The ORG directive instructs the assembler to continue the assembly from the
memory location specified by the operand. The operand must be an expression
that can be immediately evaluated, and its value must be a valid address (i.e., it
cannot be negative). Thus the operand can be a number, a known symbol, or an
expression that can be evaluated by the assembler at this point. Such an operand
is called “definable.”

[출처 : http://www.davidsalomon.name/assem.advertis/asl.pdf]

ORG expression
Sets the location counter to expression.
[출처 : MASM reference]
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