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메일이 잘 안들어 간다길래, 업체에 전화를 하니
상대방 도메인에 메일 서버가 두개라고, 어떻게 조회를 하나 궁금해서 검색을 해봤더니 host라는 신기한(!) 명령을 사용한다.

host -t mx <이메일 서비스 업체> 

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host - DNS lookup utility

host [-aCdlnrTwv] [-c class] [-N ndots] [-R number] [-t type] [-W wait] [-4] [-6] [ -s ] {name} [server]

The -t option is used to select the query type. type can be any recognised query type: CNAME, NS, SOA, SIG, KEY, AXFR, etc. When no query type is specified, host automatically selects an appropriate query type. By default it looks for A records, but if the -C option was given, queries will be made for SOA records, and if name is a dotted-decimal IPv4 address or colon-delimited IPv6 address, host will query for PTR records. If a query type of IXFR is chosen the starting serial number can be specified by appending an equal followed by the starting serial number (e.g. -t IXFR=12345678).

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