Programming/openCL & CUDA2011. 1. 2. 21:57
예전에 설치할때는 3.2는 RC(Release Candidate) 여서 3.1을 설치했었는데
지난 2010년 12월 22일에 3.2가 정식으로 나왔다.

결론은 빨라진게 대부분이고, H.264 인코딩/디코딩 라이브러리가 추가 되었다고 한다.

Last Updated: 12 / 22 / 2010

CUDA Toolkit 3.2 (November 2010)

For older releases, see the CUDA Toolkit Release Archive


Release Highlights

New and Improved CUDA Libraries

  • CUBLAS performance improved 50% to 300% on Fermi architecture GPUs, for matrix multiplication of all datatypes and transpose variations
  • CUFFT performance tuned for radix-3, -5, and -7 transform sizes on Fermi architecture GPUs, now 2x to 10x faster than MKL
  • New CUSPARSE library of GPU-accelerated sparse matrix routines for sparse/sparse and dense/sparse operations delivers 5x to 30x faster performance than MKL
  • New CURAND library of GPU-accelerated random number generation (RNG) routines, supporting Sobol quasi-random and XORWOW pseudo-random routines at 10x to 20x faster than similar routines in MKL
  • H.264 encode/decode libraries now included in the CUDA Toolkit

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