Linux2010. 5. 15. 10:45
MAKEDEV 스크립트는 Fedora와 ubuntu와 완전 다르다.

       -d directory
              Create the devices under directory instead  of  the  default  (usually

       -D directory
              Compute  file  contexts for device creation as if the directory speci-
              fied for the -d flag were the specified directory.  This is useful  if
              the -d flag is being used to populate a chrooted device directory.

manpage on FC6

       -d     Delete the devices.  The main use for this flag is by MAKEDEV itself.

manpage on ubuntnu 10.04 LTS

췟.. 리눅스마스터 시험은.. 리눅스 마스터가 아니라 레드햇 서버 마스터 구만 ㄱ-
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