Welcome to CMake, the cross-platform, open-source build system. CMake is a family of tools designed to build, test and package software. CMake is used to control the software compilation process using simple platform and compiler independent configuration files. CMake generates native makefiles and workspaces that can be used in the compiler environment of your choice.

[링크 : http://www.cmake.org/]

oscam을 컴파이르 하는데 cmake 라는것을 요구하길래 먼가해서 검색해 봤더니
cross platform을 지원하는 make 라고 한다.

make 라는데

configure 와 유사한 역활을 하는것으로 보인다.

'프로그램 사용 > make, configure' 카테고리의 다른 글

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