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리눅스 마스터 보는데 umsdos라는 파일 시스템이 나오길래
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UMSDOS filesystem

Ok, here is just a quick informational page about Linux UMSDOS filesystem.
Please note that all work on UMSDOS (or UVFAT) in 2.6.x kernels has stopped and is non-working. They should work ok in 2.4.x kernels, but I've haven't heard for some time from users (assuming some are still existing :)
Last change: 06 Mar 2006

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구버전용인데.. 왜 몰랐을까?

One of the user experience goals for the designers of Windows 95 was the ability to use long filenames (LFNs—up to 255 UTF-16 code points long), in addition to classic 8.3 filenames. LFNs were implemented using a workaround in the way directory entries are laid out (see below).

The version of the file system with this extension is usually known as VFAT after the Windows 95 virtual device driver, also known as "Virtual FAT" in Microsoft's documentation. Interestingly, the VFAT driver actually appeared before Windows 95, in Windows for Workgroups 3.11, but was only used for implementing 32-bit file access and did not support long file names.

In Windows NT, support for long filenames on FAT started from version 3.5. OS/2 added long filename support to FAT using extended attributes (EA) before the introduction of VFAT; thus, VFAT long filenames are invisible to OS/2, and EA long filenames are invisible to Windows.


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