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state     The state is given by a sequence of characters, for example, "RWNA". The first character indicates the run state of the process:

D     Marks a process in disk (or other short term, uninterruptible) wait.
I     Marks a process that is idle (sleeping for longer than about 20 seconds).
L     Marks a process that is waiting to acquire a lock.
R     Marks a runnable process.
S     Marks a process that is sleeping for less than about 20 seconds.
T     Marks a stopped process.
W     Marks an idle interrupt thread.
Z     Marks a dead process (a "zombie").

Additional characters after these, if any, indicate additional state information:

+     The process is in the foreground process group of its control terminal.
<     The process has raised CPU scheduling priority.
E     The process is trying to exit.
J     Marks a process which is in jail(2). The hostname of the prison can be found in /proc/<pid/status>.
L     The process has pages locked in core (for example, for raw I/O).
N     The process has reduced CPU scheduling priority (see setpriority(2)).
s     The process is a session leader.
V     The process is suspended during a vfork(2).
W     The process is swapped out.
X     The process is being traced or debugged.

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