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가상화 관련 일하는 친구에게 징징대서 물어보니 이상한 용어들 속출 -_-
아무튼 xen 서버가 될 녀석은 Dom0 커널을 설치해야 하고
xen 의 guest가 될 녀석은 DomU 커널을 설치해야 한다.(반가상화시 para-virtualization)
전가상화(full virtualization)할 경우 win7을 guest로 쓸수 있다고 한다.


  • Host Operating System (Dom0): refers to the operating system on which your guest operating systems will run.What it means is if you want to run Windows inside your Ubuntu as an application with the help of Xen then the Ubuntu will be called as Host Operating System and Windows would be called Guest Operating System and the term Dom0 refers to host Operating System.Technically in terms of Xen the host Operating System is known as Dom0.
  • Guest Operating System(DomU): An operating system which would be running inside your Ubuntu using Xen is known as Guest Operating System and in Xen terms it is known as DomU.
  • PV Guest: PV means para-virtualized. Some times due to hardware issues or even software issues it is the guest operating system which should run inside a host needs to be modified and in this situation the Guest Operating system is made aware that it is running on Xen. This is known as para-virtualization and the Guest OS in this case is called a PV Guest.
  • HVM: means full (hardware) virtualization. In simple terms your guest operating system is not aware that it is running on Xen or inside any other Operating System and the guest OS feels that it is running on an actual hardware.
  • Hypervisor: is the software which is at the back end of all your virtualization effort and makes possible the installation of Guest Operating System inside Host Operating System. This hypervisor is what we are referring to Xen. In case of any other virtualization solution they have their own hypervisor.

[링크 : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen#Glossary]  

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