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  1. 2014.05.17 struts2 result type
오오.. 통합의 위력 ㄷㄷ
스트럿츠 2의 결과를 돌려주는 방식은 다음과 같다.

Chain Result Used for Action Chaining
Dispatcher Result Used for web resource integration, including JSP integration
FreeMarker Result Used for FreeMarker integration
HttpHeader Result Used to control special HTTP behaviors
Redirect Result Used to redirect to another URL (web resource)
Redirect Action Result Used to redirect to another action mapping
Stream Result Used to stream an InputStream back to the browser (usually for file downloads)
Velocity Result Used for Velocity integration
XSL Result Used for XML/XSLT integration
PlainText Result Used to display the raw content of a particular page (i.e jsp, HTML)
Tiles Result Used to provide Tiles integration

다른건 모르겟고.. chain의 경우 로그인과 같이 여러개 페이지를 돌릴때 묶어서(chain)
쓴다고 하는데 조금 더 찾아 봐야 할 듯..

[링크 : http://struts.apache.org/release/2.2.x/docs/result-types.html]
[링크 : http://struts.apache.org/release/2.2.x/docs/tiles-plugin.html]
    [링크 : http://struts.apache.org/release/2.2.x/docs/action-chaining.html]

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