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gcc 옵션중에 헷갈리는게 있다.
-L과 -l이 그녀석인데, 비슷비슷해서 조금 헷갈린다.

아무튼 -L은 디렉토리(경로)를
-l은 특정 라이브러리 파일을 설정하는데 사용된다.

       -l library
           Search the library named library when linking.  (The second alternative with the library as a separate argu-
           ment is only for POSIX compliance and is not recommended.)

           It makes a difference where in the command you write this option; the linker searches and processes libraries
           and object files in the order they are specified.  Thus, foo.o -lz bar.o searches library z after file foo.o
           but before bar.o.  If bar.o refers to functions in z, those functions may not be loaded.

           The linker searches a standard list of directories for the library, which is actually a file named libli-
           brary.a.  The linker then uses this file as if it had been specified precisely by name.

           The directories searched include several standard system directories plus any that you specify with -L.

           Normally the files found this way are library files---archive files whose members are object files.  The
           linker handles an archive file by scanning through it for members which define symbols that have so far been
           referenced but not defined.  But if the file that is found is an ordinary object file, it is linked in the
           usual fashion.  The only difference between using an -l option and specifying a file name is that -l sur-
           rounds library with lib and .a and searches several directories.

           Add directory dir to the list of directories to be searched for -l.

           The value of LIBRARY_PATH is a colon-separated list of directories, much like PATH.  When configured as a
           native compiler, GCC tries the directories thus specified when searching for special linker files, if it
           can’t find them using GCC_EXEC_PREFIX.  Linking using GCC also uses these directories when searching for
           ordinary libraries for the -l option (but directories specified with -L come first).

[링크 : http://linux.die.net/man/1/gcc]
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