'env DISPLAY'에 해당되는 글 1건

  1. 2012.02.10 SSH를 통해 SSH 서버측에 X 응용프로그램 실행하기
Linux/Ubuntu2012. 2. 10. 21:56
로컬에서 접속하면 putty로 접속을 하면 10.0 이 뜨는데
혹시나 해서 ssh에서 동일하게 설정을 하면 서버측의 X로 출력을 보낼수 있다.
 $ export DISPLAY=:0.0

localhost:0.0 으로 하면 안되고, :0.0 으로 해야만 되서 왜 그러나 해서 찾아봤는데
가장 효율적인 접속을 할 수 있는 경로로 접속한다고 한다.
추가내용을 보니, hostname을 비워두면 local로 접속하는데 TCP 소켓이 아닌 로컬 소켓등으로 접속을 하는 것으로 보인다.

Display Names

From the user's perspective, every X server has a display name of the form:


This information is used by the application to determine how it should connect to the server and which screen it should use by default (on displays with multiple monitors):

The hostname specifies the name of the machine to which the display is physically connected. If the hostname is not given, the most efficient way of communicating to a server on the same machine will be used.

X servers listen for connections on a variety of different communications channels (network byte streams, shared memory, etc.). Since there can be more than one way of contacting a given server, The hostname part of the display name is used to determine the type of channel (also called a transport layer) to be used. X servers generally support the following types of connections: 


hostname part of the display name should be the empty string. For example: :0:1, and :0.1. The most efficient local transport will be chosen.

The hostname part of the display name should be the server machine's IP address name. Full Internet names, abbreviated names, and IP addresses are all allowed. For example: x.org:0expo:0198.112.45.11:0bigmachine:1, and hydra:0.1.

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[링크 : http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/export-display%3D-0-0-a-682926/

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