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14.3.27. How can I access U-Boot environment variables in Linux?

I would like to access U-Boot's environment variables from my Linux application. Is this possible?

Yes, you can. The environment variables must be stored in flash memory, and your Linux kernel must support flash access through the MTD layer. In the U-Boot source tree you can find the environment tools in the directory tools/env, which can be built with command:

make env

For building against older versions of the MTD headers (meaning before v2.6.8-rc1) it is required to pass the argument "MTD_VERSION=old" to make:

make MTD_VERSION=old env

The resulting binary is called fw_printenv, but actually includes support for setting environment variables too. To achieve this, the binary behaves according to the name it is invoked as, so you will have to create a link called fw_setenv to fw_printenv.

These tools work exactly like the U-Boot commands printenv resp. setenv You can either build these tools with a fixed configuration selected at compile time, or you can configure the tools using the /etc/fw_env.config configuration file in your target root filesystem.

[링크 : http://www.denx.de/wiki/view/DULG/HowCanIAccessUBootEnvironmentVariablesInLinux]

2010.03.11 추가
간단하게 말하자면 eboot 소스트리에서
u-boot/tools/env 에서
fw_env를 컴파일 하게 되면
fw_getenv 파일이 생성된다. (물론 하나는 심볼릭 링크이다)

2009/07/18 - [프로그램 사용/u-boot] - U-Boot 환경변수 읽어오기 (u-boot environment variable)

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