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  1. 2012.06.08 mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting
프로그램 사용/nfs2012. 6. 8. 19:52
집에와서 공유기 빼고 해보니 자~알 된다 -_-
아마도 공유기(D-LINK DI-524) 모델이 1024번 이하에 대해서 제대로 열어주지 못하는게 아닐까 조금 의심이 된다.
showmount 시에 RPC timeout이 된 것 봐서는 111번 포트를 매~우 유력한 후보로...

--- 삭제(백업용) ---
회사는 둘다 KT 망을 사용하는데
동일 건물이라서 그런지 nfs를 붙이는데 아무런 이상이 없다.(물론 둘다 10.04 LTS ubuntu desktop)
하지만 집의 녀석과 붙이려니 요런 에러를 뱉어주신다.  (12.04 LTS ubuntu desktop)
  mount 에서는    mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting
  dmesg 에서는   nfsd: last server has exited, flushing export cache 

이래저래 고민을 해보니.. 집은 SK(구, 하나로 케이블) 라서 인가? 이런 고민도 드는데..
강제로 -o vers=3 를 통해 구버전으로 맞춰줘도 여전한걸 보니..
1024번 이하의 포트를 막아둔게 아닐까라는 의심이 새록새록..

 반대 방향으로 해보니 된다... 도대체 머가 문제지 -_- 
혹시.. no_subtree_check 이녀석 문제인가? << 이건 아님 ㅠ.ㅠ

This option disables subtree checking, which has mild security implications, but can improve reliability in some circumstances.
If a subdirectory of a filesystem is exported, but the whole filesystem isn't then whenever a NFS request arrives, the server must check not only that the accessed file is in the appropriate filesystem (which is easy) but also that it is in the exported tree (which is harder). This check is called the subtree_check.

In order to perform this check, the server must include some information about the location of the file in the "filehandle" that is given to the client. This can cause problems with accessing files that are renamed while a client has them open (though in many simple cases it will still work).

subtree checking is also used to make sure that files inside directories to which only root has access can only be accessed if the filesystem is exported with no_root_squash (see below), even if the file itself allows more general access.

As a general guide, a home directory filesystem, which is normally exported at the root and may see lots of file renames, should be exported with subtree checking disabled. A filesystem which is mostly readonly, and at least doesn't see many file renames (e.g. /usr or /var) and for which subdirectories may be exported, should probably be exported with subtree checks enabled.

The default of having subtree checks enabled, can be explicitly requested with subtree_check.

From release 1.1.0 of nfs-utils onwards, the default will be no_subtree_check as subtree_checking tends to cause more problems than it is worth. If you genuinely require subtree checking, you should explicitly put that option in the exports file. If you put neither option, exportfs will warn you that the change is pending.
[링크 :  http://linux.die.net/man/5/exports]   

showmount로 해보니 이런 에러 발생 -_-
clnt_create: RPC: Port mapper failure - Timed out 

설마.. 공유기 문제는 아니려나? 

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