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  1. 2010.11.01 SLI mode - AFR, SFR, AA
Programming/openCL & CUDA2010. 11. 1. 23:03
CUDA 리눅스 쪽의 Readme 파일이다.
어찌된게... windows 용으로는 readme 파일이 부실한데, 리눅스는 이렇게나 빵빵할꼬?

아무튼, SLI로 돌리면 3가지 모드로 사용이 가능하다고 한다.
    첫째는 더블 버퍼링 처럼 교대로 렌더링을 하는 방식이고
    둘째는 화면을 수직 1/n 개로 나누어 서로 렌더링하는 방식이고(물론 성능에 따라 비율이 달라질 수 있음)
    셋째는 계단현상 제거이다(통칭 안티알리아싱)


In Linux, with two GPUs SLI and Multi-GPU can both operate in one of three
modes: Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR), Split Frame Rendering (SFR), and
Antialiasing (AA). When AFR mode is active, one GPU draws the next frame while
the other one works on the frame after that. In SFR mode, each frame is split
horizontally into two pieces, with one GPU rendering each piece. The split
line is adjusted to balance the load between the two GPUs. AA mode splits
antialiasing work between the two GPUs. Both GPUs work on the same scene and
the result is blended together to produce the final frame. This mode is useful
for applications that spend most of their time processing with the CPU and
cannot benefit from AFR.

With four GPUs, the same options are applicable. AFR mode cycles through all
four GPUs, each GPU rendering a frame in turn. SFR mode splits the frame
horizontally into four pieces. AA mode splits the work between the four GPUs,
allowing antialiasing up to 64x. With four GPUs SLI can also operate in an
additional mode
, Alternate Frame Rendering of Antialiasing. (AFR of AA). With
AFR of AA, pairs of GPUs render alternate frames, each GPU in a pair doing
half of the antialiasing work. Note that these scenarios apply whether you
have four separate cards or you have two cards, each with two GPUs.

With some GPU configurations, there is in addition a special SLI Mosaic Mode
to extend a single X screen transparently across all of the available display
outputs on each GPU. See below for the exact set of configurations which can
be used with SLI Mosaic Mode.

[링크 : http://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/3_2/drivers/docs/README_Linux.txt]

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