'Remote/TCP'에 해당되는 글 1건

  1. 2010.05.19 gdb/insight target window
결론만 간단히 내자면, insight 컴파일시 환경설정에 따라서, target/TCP target/Serial이 추가된다.
그러니 신경쓰지 말고
GDBServer/TCP 나 Remote/TCP 둘중에 하나 골라서 쓰면된다.

Selecting a Target
Selecting a target involves choosing a target for debugging and setting connection interface options for the target.

Common targets include: "Exec" for native debuggers, "Remote/Serial" for establishing a connection to a target board via a serial line, "Remote/TCP" for TCP connections, and "Simulator" for connections to the simulator. There may be more depending on the configuration of the debugger being used.

In general, "remote" targets are always serial connections which require the user to specify the serial port and baud rate to be used for the connection and "remote/tcp" targets are always TCP connections which require specifying the hostname and port number of the machine to which to connect. Depending upon configuration, there may be numerous serial- and TCP-based connections. These always follow the naming convention target/Serial and target/TCP.

To select a target, choose one of the available targets from the dropdown menu in the Connection Frame. Then specify the interface options for this target: selecting the baudrate and serial port from the dropdown menus (serial targets only) or entering the hostname and port number (TCP targets only).

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