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  1. 2010.07.02 MAX232(RS-232) 용 캐패시터 타입
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캐패시터 별로 주파수 특성이 있다고 해서
어떤걸 달아야 하나 고심을 하고 있었는데, 솔찍히 안달아도 상관은 없고
세라믹 / 전해 / 탄탈 캐패티서가 1uF 용으로 추천된다고 되어있다.

세라믹       /        탄탈       /          전해       /          마이카       /          마일러

Instead of adding more subjective specifications, I prefer to refer to the Maxim 232 datasheet. It's rather clear in all regards, I think.
The capacitor type used for C1–C4 is not critical for proper operation. The MAX232E and MAX241E require 1µF capacitors, although in all cases capacitors up to 10µF can be used without harm. Ceramic, aluminum-electrolytic, or tantalum capacitors are suggested for the 1µF capacitors.

When using the minimum recommended capacitor values, make sure the capacitance value does not degrade excessively as the operating temperature varies. If in doubt, use capacitors with a larger (e.g., 2x) nominal value. The capacitors’ effective series resistance (ESR), which usually rises at low temperatures, influences the amount of ripple on V+ and V-.

Use larger capacitors (up to 10µF) to reduce the output impedance at V+ and V-. This can be useful when “stealing” power from V+ or from V-.

[링크 : http://www.edaboard.com/ftopic361809.html]

예를 들면 103이면 10*10³=10,000pF=0.01F로 된다.
224는    22*10⁴=220,000pF=0.22F이다.
100pF 이하의 콘덴서는 용량을 그대로 표시한다. 즉, 47은 47pF를 의미한다.

[링크 : http://blog.naver.com/jlikeyou/30014094683]

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