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  1. 2010.08.02 javascript - Traversing an HTML table with JavaScript and DOM Interfaces
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Getting a text node from the table

This example introduces two new DOM attributes. First it uses the childNodes attribute to get the list of child nodes of mycel. The childNodes list includes all child nodes, regardless of what their name or type is. Like getElementsByTagName(), it returns a list of nodes. The differences are that (a) getElementsByTagName() only returns elements of the specified tag name; and (b) getElementsByTagName() returns descendants at any level, not just immediate children. Once you have the returned list, use [x] method to retrieve the desired child item. This example stores in myceltext the text node of the second cell in the second row of the table. Then, to display the results in this example, it creates a new text node whose content is the data of myceltext and appends it as a child of the <body> element.

If your object is a text node, you can use the data attribute and retrieve the text content of the node.
mybody      = document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0];
mytable = mybody.getElementsByTagName("table")[0];
mytablebody = mytable.getElementsByTagName("tbody")[0];
myrow = mytablebody.getElementsByTagName("tr")[1];
mycel = myrow.getElementsByTagName("td")[1];

// first item element of the childNodes list of mycel

// content of currenttext is the data content of myceltext

Getting an attribute value

At the end of sample1 there is a call to setAttribute on the mytable object. This call was used to set the border property of the table. To retrieve the value of the attribute, use the getAttribute method:


[링크 : https://developer.mozilla.org/en/traversing_an_html_table_with_javascript_and_dom_interfaces]

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