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boolean() 으로 특정 element를 조회하면 될 듯?


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The boolean function converts its argument to a boolean as follows:

  • a number is true if and only if it is neither positive or negative zero nor NaN

  • a node-set is true if and only if it is non-empty

  • a string is true if and only if its length is non-zero

  • an object of a type other than the four basic types is converted to a boolean in a way that is dependent on that type

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The function computes the effective boolean value of a sequence, defined according to the following rules. See also Section 2.4.3 Effective Boolean Value XP31.

  • If $arg is the empty sequence, fn:boolean returns false.

  • If $arg is a sequence whose first item is a node, fn:boolean returns true.

  • If $arg is a singleton value of type xs:boolean or a derived from xs:boolean, fn:boolean returns $arg.

  • If $arg is a singleton value of type xs:string or a type derived from xs:string, xs:anyURI or a type derived from xs:anyURI, or xs:untypedAtomic, fn:boolean returns false if the operand value has zero length; otherwise it returns true.

  • If $arg is a singleton value of any numeric type or a type derived from a numeric type, fn:boolean returns false if the operand value is NaN or is numerically equal to zero; otherwise it returns true.

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