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zip이나 tar는 아닌 독자 규격이거나 헤더를 변형한 녀석인 듯?

아무튼 프로젝트 열듯 더블 클릭해서 열면 해당 파일이 있던 곳에 압축이 풀리고

프로젝트 파일과 폴더가 풀려서 나온다.

Archiving Projects

You can save the elements of a project in a single, compressed Quartus II Archive File (. qar) by clicking

Project > Archive Project.

The .qar captures logic design, project, and settings files required to restore the project.

Use this technique to share projects between designers, or to transfer your project to a new version of the

Quartus II software, or to Altera support. You can optionally add compilation results, Qsys system files, and

third-party EDA tool files to the archive. If you restore the archive in a different version of the Quartus II

software, you must include the original .qdf in the archive to preserve original compilation results.

[링크 : https://www.altera.com.cn/zh_CN/pdfs/literature/hb/qts/qts_qii52012.pdf]

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