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Is Java still free?

The current version of Java - Java SE 8 - is free and available for redistribution for general purpose computing. Java SE continues to be available under the Oracle Binary Code License (BCL) free of charge. JRE use for embedded devices and other computing environments may require a license fee from Oracle. Read more about embedded use of Java SE or contact your local Oracle sales representative to obtain a license.

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So What Does Java SE-Embedded Cost?

The universal answer to such a question is: it depends.  That is to say it depends upon the capability of the embedded processor.  Before we lose you, let's show the list price for Java embedded licensing associated with three platforms and then explain how we arrived at the numbers.  As of the posting of this entry, 06 December, 2013, here they are:

Per-unit cost for a Raspberry Pi: US $0.71

Per-unit cost for system based on Intel Atom Z510P: US $2.68

Per-unit cost for a Compulab Trim-Slice: US $5.36

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