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타입에 맞게 값을 받아오도록 도와주는 패키지
However, there are some occasions where dynamic access to Java object properties (without compiled-in knowledge of the property getter and setter methods to be called) is needed. Example use cases include:
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라이브러리 디버깅등의 목적으로 로그를 남기는 것을 도와주는 패키지
When writing a library it is very useful to log information. However there are many logging implementations out there, and a library cannot impose the use of a particular one on the overall application that the library is a part of.
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XML에 저장한 값들을 불러 초기화에 쓰기 용이하도록 도와주는 패키지
Many projects read XML configuration files to provide initialization of various Java objects within the system. There are several ways of doing this, and the Digester component was designed to provide a common implementation that can be used in many different projects.
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