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  1. 2009.06.26 stlinux에서 gprof는 실질적으로 사용불가라니!!!
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왜 -pg 옵션으로 프로파일링을 해놔도 gmon.out이 생성이 안되는지
혹시 sh4-linux-gcc가 잘못된 건가? 하고 생각을 했었는데 이유는 다른데 있었다.

For users interested in tuning the performance of their applications, the STLinux distribution includes two profilers - gprof and OProfile.

The standard GNU profiler, gprof, has two key limitations for embedded Linux development:

    * It will only profile a single user mode application.
    * It will only profile an entire run of that application, and requires it to exit.

Many embedded applications are never intended to exit!

[링크 : http://stlinux.com/docs/manual/howto/how_to_guide37.php]

이래서 gprof 대신에 다른 걸 언급해 놓은 거구나 ㄱ-
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