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회사일/enigma2010. 4. 13. 12:07
id 는 root
pw 는 dreambox

TELNET server. You can telnet into the box if you want to control Linux directly. default username=root, password=dreambox.
Note: To change the root password, just telnet in and use the unix "passwd" command. In images from June 2003 onwards, this command writes back to the flash memory so the command will last until the next flash erase, not just the next reboot ;-)

FTP server. You can FTP into the box if you want to send files to or from the DREAMBOX flash "disk" (and hard disk if fitted). default username=root, password=dreambox.

SAMBA server. You can access the DREAMBOX flash "disk" (and hard disk if fitted) from a Windows PC using the standard file sharing in the Windows file explorer. (open \\ or whatever)

WEB server. Open up a web browser to (or whatever address you've given your Dreambox) and follow the prompts. It's a little incomplete so far, but already you can get status from the box, and listen to an audio stream as MP2 (click on "apid" in top right hand corner). Interestingly, you can listen to a different radio station over TCP/IP to that which is playing on the box itself! But, of course the radio stations must be on the same transponder mux.

[링크 : http://www.net42.co.uk/satellite/dreambox-hints.html]

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