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  1. 2009.02.13 ST Micro connect commands
회사일/STmicro(JTAG)2009. 2. 13. 10:25
내장 명령어 목록
ST Micro Connect version 1.50 (Apr 19 2001 10:43:28)
(c) Copyright STMicroelectronics
> help
Available commands are :
ipaddr    [IP address]    - Sets the internet address
subnet    [IP address]    - Sets the subnet mask
gateway   [IP address]    - Sets the gateway address
nvsave                    - Saves current settings
nvload                    - Load settings
config                    - Display the configuration settings
status                    - Display JEI status
etheraddr                 - Displays Ethernet hardware address
help      [command]       - Display help
version                   - Display version information
quit                      - Closes connection (TELNET only)
what                      - Display code downloaded
estats                    - Displays ethernet driver statistics
downgrade                 - Reverses a flash upgrade
reboot                    - Reboots the JEI
ping      IP address      - Pings other hosts

JEI 시리얼 기본 설정 9600bps-N-8-1
JEI 환경 설정 후 저장 명령어 nvsave

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